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My name is Tyson Sommerville, and I love the outdoors. I was born and raised in a small town in Alberta, and come from a family of sportsmen, this no doubt played a roll in my love of hunting and fishing. I left that small town shortly after graduating high school, as many young folks tend to do, to see the big city. While living in city, I earned a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology with a minor in history, got a girlfriend, traveled to both New Zealand and Fiji, and worked at a sporting goods store. These all had somewhat similar effects, Erin made me go to New Zealand and Fiji, traveling and University made me want to experience travel and adventure more. Erin also introduced me to hiking. Working at an outdoors store got me into both archery and fly fishing… and also a bit of gun collecting. I now of course have fused some of these enjoyments together, for instance it is rare that I will go hiking without going fly fishing, and all of my future travel plans involve both hiking and fishing. I have also, through various influences in my life developed a love of actions sports, such as quadding, dirt biking, mountain biking and snowboarding. I am by no means a professional anything, and as you can tell by this, and my blog, I have a habit of accumulating hobbies.

All the years I spent in University I had never considered the idea of being a writer or a blogger. It wasn’t until I had shot my first by bear that I was overcome by the desire to write. I wrote the first draft in about an hour in a whirlwind of key strokes at 2am… in my underpants. I then sent it to a friend, the story not the underpants, he seemed to enjoy it so I revised and sent it around some more until someone suggested I send it into a magazine. I sent it in along with a lengthy letter along the lines of “I’m not sure if you publish these, or if this is good enough but I would love to see it grace your pages” to which they replied “yea we’ll put it in, probably in the fall.” It was this experience that made me realize just how much I enjoyed the whole experience of writing and sharing and thought to myself.. yea I could do this.. why not? All the stories are real, but they are often from memory so give me a little slack. I do my best to post great content and Erin does her best to correct my poor grammar and somewhere in the end a few people seem to like it, and more importantly I like doing it and that’s what this is really all about.

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